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that the american people don't know about what might have brought about the intense scrutiny of toyota that cost them at least zhrrs 16 million fine for their throttle and untold amount of publicity on their throttle and a number of other things. i have the american people come to me and ask me if that intense scrutiny of the regulators on toyota couldn't have something to do with the need of the federal government to see general motors and chrysler succeed perhaps more. i don't have any evidence that would suggest that, but the appearance of impropriety exists, mr. speaker. and the american people don't want to see 1/3 of their private sector activity nationalized and taken over by the federal government. but that's what's happened. 1/3 of the private sector activity swallowed up in those eight entities that i talked about. by the way, tail end, $787 billion in this thing called the economic stimulus plan, of which 6% of americans think actually worked. 94% believe that it didn't help and didn't do any good. now this is a pretty sick scenario. $787 billion in economic stimulus plan. eight huge
to be the toyota mechanic and i'm here to answer any questions you may have and i look forward to your questioning. >> well, thank you for your energy and your passion on this issue. i share your concern about what we can do to help and it's frustrating we can't move faster to provide the opportunities for all the people in this country. i also very much acknowledge the great results on recruitmentment that is a clear sign that the right climate has returned to the civil rights division. and we've heard and you've told us about the regular meetings between the career attorneys and the political appointments so that you have a seamless system taking the best advice from the career attorneys. we very much appreciate that and we applaud your effort in that regard. >> i also appreciate you started with fair lending because i think in these economic times fair lending is an area we really need to put a spotlight on i agree with senator sessions that we do not want to put a climate out there that causes institutions to do things that are irresponsible. that's not our intentions and i agree with senator
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2